Thursday, May 14, 2009

Poop and Dad's...

Where do I begin?  Let me start by saying that Matt prides himself in his diaper changing abilities...he welcomes one day he is changing our stinky little boy and he gets an important phone call.  I run over to take over the changing is what I find...

A skid, yes a skid on the sheet on my side of the does that happen?  I have never left a skid on the surface of the changing.  But that is not all...above Rocco's head and to the left is a poo pebble, a real poo pebble and to my delight, it was on Matt's blanket.  Did he let Rocco pick it up and drop it above his head?  How in the world did it get there?  I left the scene as it was.  He's the crime analyst, who knows, he might have wanted to investigate how it all happened.  

I pointed out the skid and then told him to explore his blanket as I casually walked away with my clean little Rocco in tow.  

I hear this from the other room!  "EW...WHY DID YOU LEAVE IT THERE!"  

Dad's are funny.