Monday, December 27, 2010

Our little Sweetie...

                                                     Big Brother!
                                                     Oh look, he has eyes!
                                                     Yankee baby
                                                     My sweet boy
                                                     Santa baby!
                                                     Trying to hold that head up!
                                           Rocco sharing his Gatordade.
                                                     Happy little chunk!
                                                     First Christmas

Sunday, December 26, 2010

One more...

I can't believe I forgot to add this confession to my list...
16.  I will laugh at you if you fall down or trip or even stumble a little.  I will feel bad if you hurt yourself but I will still laugh and then I will talk about you to others who think it's funny to fall and I will think about your fall at times and I will laugh all over again.

These are my confessions...

1. I judge, I hate that I do it, but I do.  Just know, I judge me harder than anyone.
2. I'm a walking contradiction.  I want peace, freedom, love, fulfillment, redemption, justice, a world free from hunger and discrimination, then I go buy Mountain Dews and chocolate and an abundance of things for my children and I throw fits and I complain that I don't have a treadmill and I comment that certain types of people shouldn't be driving...what is that?  Contradiction!
3. I loathe religion.  I can't recover from the restrictions placed on my spirit as a child and young adult.  If I have learned anything in life it is this...A soul needs the freedom to learn, grow and develop Truth on its own terms.
4. Sometimes, I think my family is a little WT.  (White-trashy).  I'm sorry if anyone in my family is offended by this confession but come on...think about it...  :)
5. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I pretend I am fast asleep and don't hear Roman crying, so Matt will go get him.
6. Sometimes, I long for my party days...God, those days were so freakin' fun!  I was hot and skinny and I had cute, sexy clothes and high heels and I actually accessorized and wore makeup and I danced so good I would sometimes end up with an audience.
7. Sometimes, I want to go get a hotel room with yummy room service and a HUGE marble bathtub and go there...all alone.
8. Music makes me cry.
9. I hate to cry.
10. I think the only truly selfless being on the earth is a bonded, nurturing mommy.  Everyone else is innately selfish.  If you can denounce this, please do.
11.  I want to be a writer.  I have NEVER said that out loud (except to Matt).  What stops me?  FEAR..of no one wanting to read what I have to say.  I could not handle the rejection!
12.  I am full of secrets so scandalous that I will NEVER let them slip past my lips.
13. I think dark-skinned babies are cuter than white babies.  Ok, I let that one slip!
14.  I am honest to a fault...I have no filter with the people I love.  I will tell them EXACTLY what I am thinking with no thought of their feelings (bad) but I don't want them to ever live in question of where they stand in my eyes and heart.
15. I pull out my gray...with tweezers so I don't accidentally get a treasured brown one.  That is just weird and I can't believe that I admitted it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My favorite.

My favorite thing that happened today was Rocco said, "Cuddle Momma."  Then I asked, "Cuddle Daddy?"
Rocco- "No no cuddle daddy."
Me- "Cuddle Sissy?"
Rocco- "No no cuddle sissy."
Me- "Cuddle DeAndre?"
Rocco- "No no cuddle Duwandwe."
Me- "Cuddle Momma?"
Rocco- "Cuddle Momma, YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"

That is my favorite.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Matt has succeeded in giving the kids sooo many nicknames that I can't even remember them all...I am going to compile a list of them begins with the term "bambaluchadores."  This term refers to Rocco and Roman together and is a replacement for the term, "the kids" or "the boys" used by normal parents.  Ex. "Have the Bambaluchadores pooped today?"  (This is always the first question I am asked upon Matt's arrival home from work by the way)
And then we have:
Tuna Junior (Roman is lucky enough to be a junior)
Young Guid
Young scholar
Bushy Top
Fro magnum
Reenie or Reenis or Reen (must be said in a high pitched voice)
Scrotum head Harris
Black Jerry
Dirty mouth dirty
Tiny dancer
Gorilla (this term refers to Rocco when he is throwing a fit)
Beast (See Gorilla)
Christmas Mouse
Arthur Fonzarellie or "Fonz"
Chubby Checker
Sgweeg (the spelling on this one is difficult as there is no such word)
Fireman Sam
Which nickname is your favorite?

 Thanks for always making us laugh Matt, even if the kids will never know their own names!  

1 down...3 to go!

Olivia graduated from Marcos De Niza High School in May of this year.  We had fun visiting AZ and watching her walk with her class!  How proud we are of a beautiful, confident, funny, smart and kind girl... or should I say woman!  She has a bright future!  Olivia has a nickname, Irene Rosencrans.  This came about because she gargles very loudly and yells, "MMMOOOOOOMMMMMM" from upstairs in a very annoying voice.  Olivia would never do these things, but Irene would.  "Reenis" or "Reenie" is now what we call her.  Reenie has made me a very proud momma!  Love my first and only daughter.   She is now one of my very best friends...
                                           Reenie with her proud dad and Grandma Myrna
                                           With friends, Alex, Bella and Erica
                                           Olivia and Keelie
                                           Reen, Ashley and Keelie
                                           Olivia, Dominique, Davion and Reenie
                                           Jenny made Olivia this cute cake!  It was delicious too!