Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vacation and saying goodbye....

We made our second annual trip to Bethany Beach in Delaware!  We had a houseful!  It was hectic and crazy and so much fun.  Rocco and  Roman emerged as braver than ever...last year Rocco enjoyed the ocean from a distance...this year he went right in, laughing and splashing and jumping around!  It is so wonderful to see him try new things and relax as he learns to trust that mommy and daddy always keep him safe!  He's just one of those kids that takes it all in cautiously and carefully.  We have uttered many times the phrase..."It's our job to keep you safe!" the opposite...he runs straight in and we have to remind him to be safe!  They loved the beach and played for hours in the sand and water...giggling and smiling.  It filled me up.  The beach just has a way...

The best part of this year was having Dominique and Ireland join us all the way from Los Angeles.  Rocco and Roman loved meeting their "teenager" cousins and found it hard to say goodbye.  After hugs goodbye Rocco said, "I'm sad and it is making me start to cry."  I sat down next to him and Roman and shared that it is okay to cry and to miss our family and that it's hard to say goodbye.  Rocco said, "it's hard to say bye to people that we like and trust" and then I hear Roman say, "yeah, and that we wuv."  Again, I was filled up knowing that my little boys are loving and so in touch with their feelings.  Until next year...we have many memories and pictures to enjoy!

 Ireland and RoRo
 Sweet sisters!

 My beach babes...

 Sun in the eyes and a too small hat make for a great shot!
 Hi Mom!
 Some of the "teenagers"
 DeAndre and friends...

 Pretending to swim!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Girl Parts

This is one of those laughable moments that I would rather not forget.

Today Rocco informed me that "boys have wieners and girls have insects."

Really...?  Insects....?

How I adore my little 4 1/2 year old!