Saturday, January 29, 2011

Two reasons to avoid taking kids into public restroom stalls with you!

So, I take Rocco with me to a packed restroom at DeAndre's basketball game.  I proceed to use the facilities when my charming 2 year old, who is learning all about body parts, pats my bum and rather loudly proclaims, "MOMMY'S BUTT" over and over again...I tried coughing, laughing and talking to drown him out.  He kept repeating it waiting to be praised for "getting it right."

Rocco also pointed and asked, "Mommy's weiner, where is it?"

Thanks Rocco...


Over the years Olivia has made us laugh with her isms...These are real words that have an unknowing little twist on them...

Le-Oh-tard- instead of Le-Ah-tard
Thutre instead of Theatre
Hiferdaddy instead of Hermaphrodite
Adorf Hitchler instead of Adolf Hitler
Whitflash instead of Whip Lash
Shaw instead of Shawl
Dan-drift instead of Dandruff
Heel instead of Hill

..and my all time favorite...
Tubbaware instead of Tupperware...Oh Olivia, thanks for the laughs!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mommy Joys

Each of my children bring me such immense joy at times...

Last night we went to watch DeAndre's basketball game...This little old cleaning lady grabbed her trash bag and started limping up the bleachers to clean up the trash that JERKS leave all over the place.  I noticed her and felt a twinge of sadness...she should be home resting, sewing, watching movies etc...alas, I actually dressed up and am wearing boots with a heel and can barely walk myself.  I pack up Roman and look for Olivia.  Olivia is cleaning up the bleachers...her and the elderly lady...together.  Oh, be still my heart...she has continued to teach me life lessons with her compassionate and kind nature.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Angel Roman

Update on our baby Roman.  Roman is one week shy of being 4 months old.  Matt and I are amazed at his sweet and loving disposition.  (no offense to Rocco but he was a difficult baby) Roman always has a smile, coo or cuddle for everyone!  Once eye contact is made, his whole face lights up.  It is so sweet and heartfelt.  He does complain to let us know he's hungry or bored...but even through his complaint he is smiling at you!  Who does that?  My angel Roman, that's who!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wonderful Rocco

I recently started telling my 2 year old that he is my Wonderful Rocco. 

Today, he told me that I was his wonderful Momma.  


The End