Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today Rocco was laying on Roman's chest while Roman played with Roc's hair.
Rocco said, "I love you so much RoRo."
Then he said, "Even when you poop, I still love you."

That was the BEST part of my day.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Contemplative Practice

I started my degree program this month at Catholic University.  The campus is in DC very near the National Shrine, which I am obsessed with.  It is so beautiful in every way.  I walked around inside it yesterday, lit a candle (for the little girls of Cambodia who were sold as sex slaves) and was in awe of its beauty.
Anyway, one of my classes is called Transpersonal Theory and it centers on a type of therapy that considers the spiritual part of a person.  We were assigned Contemplative Practice.  I decided to center my practice around sacrifice.  I am surrounded by plenty; plenty of money, clothes, food, technology, waste and most importantly choices.   I believe that is the job of every able-bodied, free, strong individual on the planet is to take care of the suffering, lonely, oppressed, hungry, naked, enslaved etc.  

Gandhi said, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

So through sacrifice and honor, I challenged myself to limit my choices, my waste and my access to technology.  In every endeavor, my thoughts focus on those who have no choices.  When I crave a soda, I will strive to remember those who have no clean water to drink.  When I am hungry, I will remember those who are starving or who eat the same thing every day for every meal...when I am sick of wearing the same jeans I will remember those who have only one thing to wear day after day.

I am not looking for praise, or awe or anything at all.  This is not about me.

Day One and Two:
I'm HUNGRY, my body feels fatigued and I am thirsty constantly.  I have no problem with the clothes yet.  My jeans are comfy and I honestly enjoy not worrying about the trivial-ness of "what to wear."  Last night I had a baked sweet potato with peanut butter.  I hated it half-way through, but ate every bite to avoid waste.  I wanted to gag.  I do not miss Facebook except that I tried to call my friend Brittany and I have the wrong number.  I am not sure how I will contact her without FB...poop!
Dinner tonight, tomato soup and an apple.   Still more than most get.  

Here are my choices for food:
Chocolate-Dark and free trade only (I had to have something sweet)
Water only to drink

My Love Pink Sweats
Silver tank
Black tank
Gray and Striped shirt
Black long sleeve t-shirt
Cream hippi shirt.

Oh, how I want some cheese...or bread...ICANDOTHIS!