Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Momma Red Bird

Today, I got to be a "momma red bird."  My Rocco decided that he wanted to be a baby red bird.  We flapped our wings up the tree (stairs) to the tallest tree in the forest where the coziest nest (his bed) was sitting on the tallest branch.  We tweeted good night to each other and looked at the stars together.  It is wonderful to be a "momma red bird."
Daddy is a "daddy blue bird" and Roman is a "baby blue bird."  Sissy is "orange sissy bird" and DeAndre is a "DeAndre, DeAndre bird."  I am not sure when "DeAndre" became a color.  Love my clever little boy!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

These are my confessions....

1. I'm pretty sure I have full-fledged anxiety.  I do not have "attacks" but I create the weirdest, most non-sensical scenarios in my head and I convince myself that they might happen.  I am not ready to confess what the scenarios are.
2. I think college is a waste of money.  I sit in a class that I paid $3000 for and I watch the guy next to me do crosswords on his laptop.  What a joke!
3. I have a phobia of the subway/metro.  I have to start taking the Metro into DC for school.  I did it for the first time the other day and I felt like a complete snob because I want to keep my personal space, well spacious...and some people do not shower, use deodorant etc. and therefore my sense of smell is violated.  I made Matt ride it with me to school and then I had to take it home all by myself.  YUCKYUCKYUCK.  I am not a metro girl.  But, I will sacrifice to save Matt four hours of driving.
4. I am spoiled.  Matt was driving me four hours round trip to school until I agreed to take the stank ass Metro.
5.  When the Metro goes underground, I imagine that the ground will cave in and I will suffocate in the stank ass Metro.  (See #1).
6. I want a baby girl.
7. I have thought about tricking Matt and "accidentally" getting pregnant again.
8. Sometimes I judge.  I was so used to seeing the hottest girls ever at ASU and at Catholic University in DC, the girls are...not ASU girls.  They are super spiritual and nice.
9. I like to walk on dirt and little rocks.  I like the crunching sound it makes.
10. I confess that I have never been loved the way my husband loves me, by anyone, EVER.  I don't know if I deserve him.


 Olivia will be 20 this year.  Holy Moly!  She is getting ready to buy her first car that she is paying for all by herself with the money she earns working as a waitress.  Olivia just received her first passport.  She is going to Mexico with a bunch of her friends over Spring Break.  Ew....I am not happy about this but she doesn't care.  :)  She loves to travel.  She is currently in NYC after deciding at the last minute to hop on a bus and go for the day.  Matt and I decided to send her to South America for the summer to volunteer.  She is trying to decide between Brazil, Costa Rica and Peru.  She is a kind person that gives of herself so easily and we think this will be a wonderful, enlightening experience for her.  After visiting New York University today, she decided that this is where she wants to continue her studies.  She also likes ASU, Georgetown, USC, George Mason and most other colleges.  ;)  Love my beautiful girl!

Random happiness...


Fat face :)

Cheers for snow!

Snow angel!

Sled ride in the front yard!
Daddy time...


My sweet, sick boy cuddled in his towel.

Pasta lover!



Grocery fun!

Loves books, he mumbles all kinds of sounds pretending to read.

Peek a boo!


These pictures were from a fun date night.  We went to a party at the Australian Embassy with some people that Matt works with.  They turned the front lobby into a "nightclub" with a partial bar and music.  It had been awhile since I had a drink!  Ever heard of Pims?  It's an Australian drink that isn't sold in the US.  Went down super smooth!  Yum!  Probably a good thing it isn't sold at the local grocer.  ;)
After partying with the Australians we explored Embassy row in DC and then found a place to have fancy pizza.  I don't like fancy pizza.  I'll take the regular, greasy pizza thank you!  Then we had to drive home in a snowstorm.  Took us over an hour.  Matt peed in a Pepsi bottle which infuriated me.  We saw, no kidding, 6 cars that had slid off the road and were facing the other direction.  What part of "DRIVE SLOW, ICY CONDITIONS" do people not understand?

Who does this?

I mean, he is quite good looking, has a perfect physique and abs of steel but really?
I love my first born baby boy, who is far from a baby but still has a part of my heart that is all for him.  He gets his license on March 1st...and turns 17 a month later.  He's ready, I'm not.  Sigh...