Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When you know exactly how they feel....

My little Rocco has timid tendencies...he's what the professionals call, "slow to warm."  He's cautious, self-aware, a little anxious and gets overwhelmed easily by noise and movement.  So....I know EXACTLY how he feels.  We went to a birthday party this weekend at the noisy bowling alley for a little rambunctious friend from the neighborhood.  Rocco hid and refused to join in...Matt tried to encourage him and he refused.  I watched him carefully and wondered how to help.  It took me a few minutes to recognize myself in him and then all I had to do was think about what would have helped me....so I called him over and said, "I know exactly how you feel...it's kinda scary to only know one person at a party huh?  He agreed.  I labeled his feelings and validated them.  We talked about feeling nervous and how it feels weird in your tummy...and then I reminded him how new things can be scary at first and then we get comfortable because it's not so new anymore.  Just like preschool, which he absolutely loves...so off he went to bowl and play.  He never fully immersed himself with the rambunctious crew but he found the courage to play...and relax.  And it did my heart good!  
My sweet boy in his homemade Turkey hat!  Did I mention we LOVE his teacher! :)

Museums and parks and Superheroes...

Where does the time go...?  Here are some pics of our summer adventures...
Museum of Natural History-DC, Cheeto Break.

Science is fun!

Fountain near museum gardens.  

Mommy and baby feet cooling off in the garden fountains on a scorching summer day!

Museum of the American Indian-DC, Skateboarding 

Playing in the Teepee

Weeeeeee!  Park time

Butterfly garden-Elleanor C Lawrence Park

Turtle friends brought lots of giggles!



like this...

We fight crime!

Baltimore water front

Baltimore Science Museum

I think he just sprayed water on someone...oops!

I'm a turtle!


again...even in underwear!

A prized possession from their beloved Lexi...

Sweetest face...

Halloween 2013

School parade and parties and friends and a silly dad...and trick or treating...and being kinda spooked by all the spookiness of Halloween led to an early end to collecting candy...but the small amount they collected was enough to make them happy!  I love the gratefulness they feel over even one small pile of goodies! I hope they are always so grateful of all the little things in life...
Pre-K Halloween parade..led by Rocco the boxer!

Hi Mom and Dad!

Here come the rainbows...led by Rocco's amazing teacher.  We love her!

A Halloween song!

With dance moves...so darn cute!

No explanation needed

Let the candy collecting begin!

A happy and a grumpy trick or treater...poor Roman wasn't feeling good.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall in Virginia

Just when I get so homesick for Arizona...not the seasons...or should I say season as there isn't much variety in Az...but more for the connections with friends and family...the familiarity of the cultural climate...knowing my way around...just the stuff that makes you feel "home"...fall arrives and its beauty is breathtaking.  One tree might reveal 5 colors...and the skyline on some roads gives you tree after tree of various colors...all blending in a gorgeous setting that takes my breath away...and then there is the fun of gathering up all the various leaves that have fallen and jumping in them and throwing them and exploring them...this weekend we played!