Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From the desk of a chubby child...

It is important that you all know about my favorite things:

1.  Being in my birthday suit is about the free-est feeling around.  I can easily bring my feet up to my hands, and on a good day, I can suck on my own toes.  Additionally, my parents get a great view!

2.  Elmo!!  He makes me light up like a christmas tree.  My Daddy has perfected his voice so I can hear Elmo even when the TV isn't on - what a deal.

3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the jam.  My Mommy sings her heart out to this song when I'm complaining in my car seat, and I just have to be quiet and listen.

4. My Dad's silly dances and raps.  If he even knew how goofy he looked.  I laugh and laugh at him.

5. Books!  I will wiggle every limb at once if you read me a book!

6. Watching my Mommy and Daddy play with me together - I just can't stop smiling...

7. My doggy!  I talk to him, reach for him and let him lick the food off my fingers.  When I get my hands on him, I grab his fur and pull!  I can't help it, it's so much fun.

8. The swing, but not the one in the house.  I love watching the ground move beneath me.

9. Being outside.  I can even do a bird impression.  Seriously, I can copy a bird chirp verbatim.  It makes Mom laugh.

10. The sound of my own voice.  I yell, shriek, wail, scream, babble and coo all day!  It's a blast.

11.  My cousin Kaydence.  I spend two days a week with that silly girl.  I love to watch her and talk to her.  She even kisses me sometimes!  I'm a lucky kid.

Friends and daughters...

Blogging...it's weird.  Does anyone really take the time to read these?  So this year has been strange and wonderful and sad all at once.   Ironically, losing my dad opened up a door to my past that I thought might be closed forever.  I have reconnected with those people from the past that helped to shape the person I am today, those people that left lasting imprints in my memory of joy, laughter, heartache and good times.  My girls from high school...I look back and wonder how I ever lost touch with those 3 amazing friends.  We vowed to be best friends forever...I guess part of it was my own decision.  You make decisions that your friends might not support and you feel  it and maybe you pull away without knowing that you are doing it.  I know I changed and that the decisions I made will never be regretted but yet...how would life be different?  I am grateful for them, for them then and for them now.  Through the years their words echoed in my mind so many times...memories of them forced their way in and made me smile or cringe or laugh.  Watching my Olivia become a teenager and act silly with her friends posed the question...did I act like that?  The answer was an astounding YES!  I reflect often on the sneaky things we did to assert our independence...and when Olivia can't stand to be home and I want to feel sad about that, I remember those girls and how much I needed them, how much I wanted to just be with them and how happy and safe I felt with them.  Then, I can look at my little girl and know that this is her time...to create amazing relationships and friendships, that will no doubt shape the woman she becomes and I have the knowledge that it will come full circle...and someday she will come back to me just like I did with my momma.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

So, I don't want to be the parent that always thinks every single thing their kid does is the cutest thing ever, but.... look at this kid?!?!

The definition of adorable.

Googootz & Aunt Elaine
The Cat in the Hat at Changing Hands Bookstore!

Chillin' at DeAndre's first track meet this season...
Rocco's new loungin' chair