Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Graduation and family visits...

He graduates! 

Enjoying opening his graduation gift...

My Aunt...with baby Mackenzie...I had not seen my Aunt in over 20 years...we re-connected on FB and she came to VA. for DeAndre's graduation...love her!

My niece Jenny with her precious baby girl...I bonded with that baby and miss her so!  

Every trip to the Museum of Natural History in DC ends in a picture of this guy...the boys LOVE him...so here he is...enjoy...?

Isn't she lovely?  A truly beautiful person and momma!  So grateful that she flew across the country with 3 kids to see us!

This sweet, sweet baby...

Sisters!  Kaydence and Baby Mac!

Caleb is all smiles!

Enjoying family...


Radford visit...college already?!

Totally enjoyed DeAndre's graduation as we were able to share it with family that we haven't seen in years....our boys met some of their cousins and got to experience the joy that comes with live-in playmates...and maybe some of the trauma!  Little Roman, used to being the baby...took issue with Mackenzie...upon her arrival as she stared at him with her bright blue eyes in curiosity...he yells..."Ah, tell that little kid to stop looking at me."  For the rest of their time, Roman recoiled at the sight of her...closing his eyes and demanding she stop looking at him...why we would ask...why don't you want her to look at you...she is curious we explained, trying to learn about the world and so she observes everything..."well she gives me the creepes (pronounced CREEP-ESSS)"  I apologized over and over for his behavior...feeling so bad that he was creeped out by this precious girl...and still we tried...Jenny and I at one point telling him that she really likes him...because sure enough anytime he was in the room her eyes made her way right to him...so she wanted to see what he was doing...he sighs and says, "Let me do this AGAIN, (he looks at his hands and points to each finger as he says these words), "NO BABIES ALLOWED IN THIS HOUSE."  I am sure that someday, the two of them will be the best of friends!  

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